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Our service invites foreign businesses and investors to participate in the lucrative investment opportunities in Ukraine's emerging economy. Our office is located in the beautiful port city of Odessa. Our consultants can help you find the real estate investment opportunity that fits your goals best.

Our real estate team specialize in the marketing of property in the historical center and the surrounding communities around Odessa. We ensure that investment environment and advance infrastructure are sound to maximize our client's investment opportunities. We provide consultation and preparation of all legal documents for real estate purchased through our agency.

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About our site:

We created this site as not only a listing of most attractive real estate investments opportunities in Odessa but also as a report and reference guide for potential investors. Please use the links below to navigate to the section of the website that interests you most. Thank you for visiting.

Featured Real Estate Projects

Project to build 7 floor building in the historical center of Odessa

  • Land area 581.2 m2 with 2 story building that can be demolished
  • New city approved project to build 7 to 9 story building
  • Building plans include 2 levels of parking
  • Building plans and permits included

Project to build shopping center heart of the Odessa's center

  • Total Area of existing building: 1053 m2
  • 1st Floor area 705m2, Basement Area 348 m2
  • Includes building plans and permits to renovated the property

Project to build 5 story retail & office building in Odessa's center

  • Total Area of complete building: 3287 m2
  • Building plans and permits included
  • New city approved project to build 5 story building
  • Mix used building: Retail and Office space

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Reasons to Invest in Ukraine

  • Strategic Geographical Location
  • Geographical size: 2nd largest country in Europe after Russia.
  • Large Population of 47 million
  • Skill Labor Force: 99.7% Literacy Rate.
  • 2,782 km of warm water coastline.
  • Rich Farmlands
  • Vast Natural Resources.
  • Pro-western Government dedicate to economic reform
  • Developed transportation and communication infrastructure
  • Double Digit Annually GDP growth.
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