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Reasons to Invest in Ukraine
  • Strategic Geographical Location
  • Geographical size: 2nd largest country in Europe after Russia.
  • Large Population of 47 million
  • Skill Labor Force: 99.7% Literacy Rate.
  • 2,782 km of warm water coastline.
  • Rich Farmlands
  • Vast Natural Resources.
  • Pro-western Government dedicate to economic reform
  • Developed transportation and communication infrastructure
  • Double Digit GDP growth.


Business Tours

  • Meeting and transfer by private car to and from airport.
  • Accommodations in a private apartment in Odessa's beautiful historical center.
  • Schedule viewing of all real estate properties you are interested in.
  • During your stay our staff will search for new properties that meet your requirements.
  • Your own personal assistant and translator during your stay. (8 hours per day)
  • Guided tour of the city.
  • We provide consultation and preparation of all legal documents for real estate purchased through our agency.
  • To keep you in constant contact with all of your business associates, you will have your own personal cellular phone with a local number to use during stay with us. For your safety we will also be on call 24 hours a day.
  • In-room computer with Internet access. Check your email, stocks, news, etc. All from the comfort of your own private apartment.
  • Purchase a property from us and receive a 50% refund on your tour!

We strive to provide our guests with all the comforts of home and more!

Our 10 day individual tour is $295/day To reserve and begin planning your trip, we require a $300.00 deposit. Balance due 30 days before your arrival please. Please contact us to reserve your tour today!


VIP Upgrade Options:

  • VIP service at Odessa International airport: This includes being met at the airplane a by a VIP service member holding your name up on a white sheet of paper. You will then taken on broad a private min bus that will take you a separate VIP terminal. From there you will taken to an individual passport and customs control where you will be assisted be with filling out the required customs and immigration paperwork. This service is much more pleasant experience than passing through the public terminal and takes half of the time, usually 10 to 20 minutes. VIP service is also included on departure. This service features a private lounge with food and beverages at VIP terminal as well as exiting through the individual passport and custom control. Cost $70 each way.
  • Upgrade to luxury apartment. Cost: An additional $50 per day.
  • Nightlife Tour of Odessa by one of our interpreters. Cost: An additional $50 per night.
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