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Strategically located at the crossroads between Europe, Russia and the Middle East, Ukraine represents a golden opportunity for investors. Once called the "Breadbasket of Europe." Ukraine is uniquely gifted, blessed by rich farmlands, hundreds of miles of warm water coastlines, vast natural resources and an educated and skilled labor force. Today Ukraine is poised to capitalize on its strengths to assume an important role in the world economy.

Fueling the strong Ukrainian economic expansion is the city of Odessa, Ukraine's largest seaport as well as the largest port on he Black Sea-Azov range. Odessa's port is capable of handling up to 14 million tons of dry cargo and over 24 million tons of oil products annually. The port of Odessa does not freeze over in the winter providing a year round lifeline of vital goods and supplies to Ukraine's rapidly growing economy. 

Odessa's value goes beyond sheer economic figures, known as "The pearl of the Black Sea, this elegant city is also Ukraine's second most popular tourist destination. With its many tourist attractions, mild winters and over 240 sunny days per year, Odessa attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The average summer temperature in Odessa is pleasant 25 Celsius (77F). The city is filled with magnificent examples of French and Italian architecture eloquently situated along beautiful tree lined streets.

The location of the city with it's port are such that Odessa is the“sea gates” of Ukraine. It is a powerful transport knot with high potential and significant prospects of development. The location of the city itself predetermines its place in the world system of transportation and processing of goods from Balkans to the Northern Europe, from Russia to the Near East as the Middle East, and from the Mediterranean countries to Scandinavia. All of these factors have positively influence the development of such projects, as the creation of logistic centers as well as the development of office, rental and residential properties.

The social structure of the city and the region as a whole are characterized by the presence of a quite strong middle class group of consumers, which does not exist in overwhelming majority in the other regions of Ukraine. This factor has greatly influence the rapid development of shopping centers, entertainment-leisure centers and business complexes in our region.

According to the latest cense data the population of Odessa's consumers breaks down as follows:

  • Upper Class: 4%
  • Upper Middle Class: 7%
  • Middle Class: 12%

Banking statistic from 2005 to support this economic growth:

  • Bank deposits grew by nearly 48%
  • Total credit allocated grew by more than 66%
  • Short-term credit allocated grew by more than 20%
  • Long-term credit allocated grew by more than 46% demonstrating greater stability of consumer income.

In comparison there are many parts of Ukraine almost devoid of a middle class population. Adding to growing pool of consumers are residents of nearby towns, their demand adds another 7% of consumer demand to city.

Gogolya St. near the intersection with Gavannaya St.
City Park near Deribasovskaya Lanzheronovskaya, 200 meters from the Opera House
Deribasovskaya St, near the intersection with Reshilievskaya St
Deribasovskaya St, near the intersection with Reshilievskaya St on the 4th Floor Corner of Deribasovskaya St. and Polskaya St.
Corner of Grecheskaya St. and Kanatnaya St.
Pushkinskaya St, near the intersection with Grecheskaya St
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Reasons to Invest in Odessa

  • Largest Seaport in Ukraine
  • 2nd Largest Tourist City
  • 3rd Largest City
  • Pleasant Climate: Over 290 sunny days per year
  • Shortage of business & tourist accommodations
  • Trade reforms will increase port volume
  • Removal of visa requirement will increase tourism



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