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Commentary: Advantages of Investing and Living in Ukraine

Do you ever wake up and wonder why you have to run off to work everyday? How it seems you are forever working to pay off ever rising taxes, insurance premiums and utilities bills?. It is estimated that the average American has to work until late May every year just to pay off their taxes. Add insurance and utilities bills to that and how far into the year does that take you? Did you know that the U.S. employees 70% of the world's attorneys? Where will it end? Is the cost of living in the U.S. going to suddenly start going down? Will your life's saving be enough to get you through your retirement?

Investment Opportunity: Strategically located at the crossroads between Europe, Russia and the Middle East, Ukraine represents a golden opportunity for investors in almost all sectors of business. The Ukrainian economy is one of the fast growing economies in the world. Income taxes are extremely low, real estate taxes are practically nonexistent and financing is now available for foreign investors. Please Contact Us to Learn More

In the cash based economy of Ukraine income taxes are but a small fraction of what they are in Western nations. A resident of Ukraine can claim up to $100,000 per year and only pay an average of $40 per month in taxes. There are no property taxes here or many of the other kinds of taxes our governments seems so adept at inventing.

Utilities and health insurance cost are far less as well. Food prices and many other cost of living expenses are also much less. Restaurant prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious. Most foods here are grown in the rich Ukrainian soil without harmful pesticides or genetic engineering. The farm animals here are actually raised on farms and not in warehouse like in the U.S. The food here simply tastes fresher and healthier. Services are also far cheaper here. For $3 dollar you can take a taxi cross town. A haircut is about $5. With a yearly income of $50,000 in Ukraine you could live a very comfortable lifestyle, even raise a family.

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Reasons to consider moving to Odessa, Ukraine:

  • Fast growing economy in Europe
  • Europe's second largest country
  • Very low income taxes
  • No real estate taxes
  • Low cost of living
  • Excellent returns of real estate investments
  • Tasty, organically grown foods
  • Warm summer season with beautiful beaches
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