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Individual and Business Registration Report

To legally stay in Ukraine, foreign citizens must obtain visas in most cases. These visas can be issued by:

  • Diplomatic Missions and Consular Departments of Ukraine abroad;
  • Consular Points and the representatives of the State Frontier Troops at the crossing points on the State frontier of Ukraine;
  • The organization of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

Visas for foreigners are issued on the basis of their entry purpose, such as: private visa, business visa, tourist visa, visa for members of humanitarian missions, visa for members of rescue services, student visa, visa for mass media staff, visa for members of religious missions, transit visa, immigration visa, visa for international transport service staff.

Depending on validity, there exist the following types of visas: short-term visas (issued for up to 6 months) and long-term visas (6 months – 5 years); by frequency of use the visas are divided into single, multiple and collective. In accordance with a Decree N 227 by Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers of February 20, 1999 (The Rules of Submitting Visa Documents of Entry to Ukraine), visas for foreigners are issued on the basis of their entry purpose, provided they have the appropriate documents for physical and legal persons.

Citizens of the States which have concluded international agreements with Ukraine on visa-free traveling of citizens of EU, Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein, Canada, the USA, Japan, Andorra, Vatican, Island, Monaco, Norway, Republic of San Marino if the terms of staying in the territory of Ukraine do not exceed 90 days (the regime is valid in accordance with the Decrees of the President of Ukraine No. 1008/2005 of June 30, 2005; No. 1107/2005 of July 19, 2005; No. 134/2005 of July 26, 2005; No. 1131/2005 of July 26, 2005; No. 1663 of November 29, 2005). If the citizens from the above mentioned countries wish to enter Ukraine with the aim of job placement, studying at the high school education institutions of Ukraine, family reunion and want to stay in the territory of Ukraine for more than 90 days, they must obtain visas in the above named legal institutions.

The registration of foreigners, which are entering Ukraine according to the set rules, and their passport documents is carried out at the crossing points on the State frontier by the organs of the State Committee for the Protection of the National Frontier of Ukraine.

Registration for the short-term staying is carried out as the following:

  • till the visa is valid but up to 6 months for foreign citizens and non-citizens of the states of visa entry procedure;
  • for 90 days for foreign citizens and non-citizens of the states of visa-free entry procedure if other terms are not specified in the international agreements.

At the territory of Ukraine the period of visas validity could be prolonged and the passports should be registered.

Categories of passports that should be registered in Ukraine's internal affairs organization:

  • Foreigners from the countries with visa-free regime for staying in Ukraine for more than 90 days.
  • Foreigners from other countries who have arrived in Ukraine for a period of more than 6 months.

To prolong the terms of staying, foreigners and their host company have to apply to one of the local offices of the State Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration of Physical Persons in written form to receive the permission no later than three working days before the end of their terms of registration.

In this application you should mention the reasons for changing the terms of staying in the territory of Ukraine according to the Rules of Submitting the Entry Documents. Besides, the following information should be provided:

  • Information about the foreigner (citizenship, surname, name, date of birth, gender);
  • Passport number, terms of validation;
  • Visa type;
  • Reason and term of further staying in Ukraine;
  • Place of residence in Ukraine;
  • Information of the Host Company / person (company address and written guarantees of financial state of the foreigner and his/her declaration of leaving the territory of Ukraine after completing the terms of visa).

Status of the Host Company/Person could be obtained by the Ukrainian, joined or foreign companies, organizations and institutions registered in Ukraine. Besides, the Host Persons could be physical persons (Ukrainian citizens, foreign citizens and non-citizens) who permanently live in Ukraine or have came in Ukraine with the aim of studying, internship or job placement, who invite foreign citizens or non-citizens.

It is necessary to point out that foreigners themselves could invite the members of their families, close relatives etc., i.e. to act as a Host Person. Members of the family and close relatives are the subject to the General Rules of Staying in the Territory of Ukraine for Foreigners.

If a foreign citizen is going to work and get official salary in the territory of Ukraine, he/she must obtain the Employment Permission. This Permission is provided by the State Employment Center of the Ministry of Labor and Social Politics of Ukraine or by the authorities of Regional Employment Centers and the Centers of Republic of the Crimea, the city of Kiev and the City of Sevastopol. This Permission is given to the organization, which has invited the foreign citizen for work placement on appropriate position to match his/her specialization. The whole procedure is based on the Rules of Obtaining the Employment Permission by Foreign Citizens and Non-citizens according to the Decree No. 2028 by the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers of November 1, 1999.

To obtain the Employment Permission the employer must provide the following set of documents:

  • Application (in any form);
  • Grounds of use of foreign workers and opportunities to create for them necessary working conditions;
  • Copy of the contract between a foreign and Ukrainian enterprises or legal persons on performance the certain amount of works or services (if such contract is concluded);
  • Copies of the Statute and the certificate of the state registration of the enterprise, issued when due hereunder;
  • The list of foreign workers with their full names and surnames, years of birth, passport numbers, specialties (specializations) and genders;
  • The draft copy of the contract between the employer and the foreign worker;
  • The document (the order, endurance from the report, the assignment, etc.), issued when due hereunder which assures the right to represent the employer’s interests of the Center of Employment;
  • Copies of documents on education and qualification;
  • The information from the state tax service on payment the taxes and tax fees by the employer;
  • The receipt of payment for the application to be considered.

Foreigners who constantly live in Ukraine and other foreigners do not need to obtain the Employment Permission in cases stipulated by laws and international contracts of Ukraine (for example, in cases of employment of the foreign investor within the limits of and on the position submitted by the agreement on product distribution. Besides, the different rules of employment could be stipulated for the diplomatic and consulate workers and members of their families.

The Employment Permission is valid for the period of maximum one year. To extend the Employment Permission the employer should address in the local Center of Employment no later than one month prior to the expiry date of the previous Employment Permission.

The Employment Permissions stand out to workers who belong to the category of ‘intracorporate cessionary", i.e. the supervising personnel, managers and experts and to the category of persons providing «services of noncommercial presence in Ukraine», for the term of their hiring.

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