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Houses in Odessa Suburbs

Through our experience we have found that the development of property in Odessa suburbs with areas of 130-150 Hectares* (321 - 370.5 Acres; 1 Hectare = 2.47 Acres) are very lucrative. Such opportunities are only possible through large purchases of real estate. Although the acquisition of such large parcels is complex, we firmly believe that this market is well worth our effort for our clients.

Residential Projects in Odessa's suburbs
Odessa suburbs
Photos of our Sauvingon Project

Public lands for recreational zones in these new residential developments are allotted to enhance the comfort of these new communities. Our developers typically allow for 20 % to 40 % of the surrounding lands for these recreational areas. Our "Sauvingon" and "Lustdorf" projects have these allotments.

Returns have been an amazing of 30% to 50% per year for the last 5 years. Foreigners are allowed to by land provided it lies within the city limits.

Below are some examples of our current project types:

Residential Project E-1 in Odessa's suburbs
Residential Project E-2 in Odessa's suburbs
Residential Project O-1 in Odessa's suburbs
Residential Project O-2 in Odessa's suburbs
Residential Project O-3 in Odessa's suburbs
Residential Project T-1 in Odessa's suburbs

E-1 Project | E-2 Project | O-1 Project | O-2 Project | O-3 Project | T-1 Project

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Reasons to Invest in the Sauvingon Project:.

  • Legally binding contract minimizing risks.
  • Excellent return of investment.
  • Mortgages rates are lower for newly constructed buildings in Ukraine, thus making your property easier to sell.
  • Excellent location in the one of the most picturesque suburbs of Odessa.
  • We often see returns of greater than 30% per year.
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